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Attain Mortgage is proud to introduce you to our newest employee. Meet .

Who is ?

is your 24/7 personal mortgage assistant. She is designed to intelligently assist you and to provide the information you need instantly. For busy mortgage brokers with demanding client schedules, will make your business much more efficient.

What is ?

(automated mortgage information) is your Attain assistant and an extension of both your Underwriter & Regional Manager. When you ask for information, she immediately responds with the answers you need.

What can I ask ?

will provide pertinent information instantly, right down to the finest details such as:

• Application status
• Outstanding or completed broker and solicitor conditions
• File instruction status
• Compensation model and any buydown cost

And much more.

When you ask , simply include a single or multiple mortgage numbers in the subject line of your email and she will send you an instant reply, with a direct response to each inquiry, which includes a conditions update.

Attain Mortgage knows your time is extremely valuable. Don’t wait for the information you need.
Doing business just got better.

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