CMHC Insured Multi-Unit 5+

CMLS Financial is one of Canada’s largest full-service mortgage providers. With a dynamic range of financing options, we can arrange a mortgage solution tailored to your customers’ needs quickly and conveniently.

CMLS Financial specializes in developing flexible and innovative solutions with prompt approvals and exceptional customer service.

  • Personalized service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible solutions
  • Prompt turnaround time
Target Properties
  • Standard Rental Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Retirement Housing
  • Supportive Housing
  • Student Housing
  • Single Room Occupancy
CMHC Insured Mortgage Program
  • 1st mortgages
  • 5 & 10 year terms
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • Up to 40-year amortization * premium surcharge applies
  • We obtain the COI – CMHC Approved Lender
  • Minimum DSCR requirements
  • Available across Canada
  • Appraisal required on 5-24 unit properties
  • ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) required for 7+ units

Finders Fee

Typically, on a multi-unit mortgage, the originating broker will charge a fee to the borrower. If required, CMLS Financial may, in select cases, build a fee into pricing.


Pricing is very much deal dependent, but typically 100-150 bps over the Canada Mortgage Bond yield for the requested term.